Donald Trump’s Alabama Field Director Chess Bedsole paid $64,000 in July

Chess Bedsole
Chess Bedsole, undated.

On October 9, 2015, then-presidential long-shot and Republican outsider Donald Trump tapped Alabama’s Chess Bedsole to be the state’s field director.

Bedsole, a lawyer and municipal judge who lives in Birmingham, previously served as counsel in the U.S. Senate and was dispatched to Broward County, Florida during the 2000 Presidential election for the recount effort of President George W. Bush. Since returning home to Alabama, Bedsole has represented numerous candidates and officials across the state as well as the Alabama Republican Party.

For months, Bedsole hasn’t been paid for his efforts aiding the Trump campaign. That changed in July when the consultant was paid a whopping $64,000 for his services, presumably for January through July of 2016.

Prior to July’s payment, his last payment was $15,000 in December — averaging a little more than $5,000 a month in 2015.

Bedsole’s recent paycheck is a mysterious one, as the campaign has paid very few employees recently despite the fact spending nearly doubled last month.


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