Alabama Environmental Director to Donald Trump: Rein in Barack Obama’s EPA

Alabama Gulf Shores

Alabama’s top environmental official is urging President-Elect Donald Trump to rein in President Barack Obama‘s environment regulations.

Lance LeFleur, Director of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, co-signed a letter last week with environmental leaders from four states — Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota and West Virginia — urging Trump a to rein in the Environmental Protection Agency in order to “move America forward.”

The letter requests the Trump transition team to consider four things:

  • Return environmental leadership to the states.
  • Place a moratorium on currently proposed and new federal regulations.
  • Work with state governors and environmental directors to eliminate federal overreach.
  • End secret policy-making by Washington insiders.

On the campaign trail, Trump pledged to “dismantle” the EPA. “We’re going to have little tidbits left but we’re going to get most of it out,” he said at one point. “Environmental Protection, what they do is a disgrace,” he said at another.

His statements have not gone unnoticed by the letter’s environmental leaders. “Statements you made during the campaign give us confidence that we can achieve your goals by working together, as these are goals that are also important to the citizens of our states.”

Read the full letter to Trump below:


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