Donald Trump to return to Alabama for huge ‘thank you’ rally


Plans are in the works to bring President-elect Donald Trump back to the Yellowhammer State this month during this “Thank You Tour.”

Trump kicked off his tour Thursday night with a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, the battleground state where he won a critical election-night victory.

“We have so many problems to fix in this country but if we must set aside our differences. We’re a very divided nation, but we are not going to be divided for long, I have always brought people together, I know you find that hard to believe,” Trump said in Cincinnati. “We are going to bring our country back together, and we will get the job done properly. America will start winning again, big league, we will win again.”

While an Alabama date has yet to be made public, a stop in Mobile seems inevitable.

“It’s not just going to go to swing states,” Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg Politics said earlier this week on MSNBC.  “We know the schedule, it was given to us for planning purposes but hasn’t been released publicly yet. One place they’re going to go is Mobile, Alabama, which is a place that is really special for Trump and his campaign. They attracted 30,000 people there last summer. It was a symbolic moment for them when they really realized they had a movement going on and could take this somewhere.”

Alabama Republican Party Chairwoman Terry Lathan confirmed Thursday that efforts are in fact in place to bring Trump back to the Port City for a victory-lap.


  1. Just wondering who is footing the bill for these appearances? And is this the best use of his time and our money? Surely there are security briefings and other much more important things for his to attend to with such a short time left before he takes office.

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