Governor Kay Ivey’s appointments: Education related


While it has taken us a while to get a hold of Governor Kay Ivey‘s appointments list — of those Alabamians she has appointed to boards, commissions and committees — we are excited to say we finally have (most of) it and we’re breaking it down categorically for you.

The Appointments Office supports Ivey in meeting her major obligation to appoint qualified, representative and appropriate people to positions on regulatory and licensing boards and commissions, university trustees, advisory boards and task forces. Her team lokos for qualified candidates to serve on 450+ boards and commissions that oversee a large variety of industries and make decisions that affect the day-to-day lives of Alabamians.

Keeping with our efforts to shine light on what’s going on behind the scenes at all levels of government, this will be a regular column once again in the coming weeks.

Information on open board positions is on the appointments webpage.

Up now: education related appointments.

Southern Regional Education Board

  • Dr. Ed Richardson: 11/15/2017
  •  Honorable Alan Baker: 07/26/2017

Alabama A&M Board of Trustees

  • John Hackett, Jr.: 05/16/2017
  • Roderick Watts: 05/16/207

Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees

  • Matthew Woods: 1/26/18

Southern Regional Education Board

  • Dr. Ed Richardson: 11/15/2017

  • Honorable Alan Baker: 7/26/2017

Alabama Course of Study Committee: Mathematics

  • Nancy Dotson: 01/22/2018

  • Harry Gilder,Jr.: 01/18/2018

  • Anne Rankin Penney: 01/22/2018
  • Dolores Sparks: 01/18/2018
  • Dr. George Faust: 01/18/2018

  • Lee Ann Latta: 01/18/2018

  • Kathryn Lanier: 01/18/2018

Alabama Course of Study Committee: Physical Education & Health Education

  • Jessica James: 01/18/2018

  • Rhonda Mann: 01/18/2018

  • Carrie Karkoska: 01/18/2018
  • Rosalyn Fabianke: 01/18/2018
  • Nan Priest: 01/18/2018

  • Ann Murray: 01/18/2018

Alabama Charter School Commission Nominees

  • Charles Jackson
  • Pastor Ibrahim Lee

  • Melissa Kay McInnis

  • Karen Sweeney

  • Associate Pastor Marvin McDaniel Buttram
  • Tharon Honeycutt

University of West Alabama Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Randall Hillman: 12/28/2017

  • Andrew Coats: 12/28/2017

  • Honorable Jodi Campbell: 12/21/2017
  • Terry Bunn: 12/21/2017

  • Victor Vernon: 12/28/2017

  • Jerry Smith: 12/28/2017

University of South Alabama Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Steven Furr: 10/01/2017

  • William Graham: 10/01/2017
  • Dr. Steven Stokes: 10/01/2017

  • Margie Tuckson: 10/01/2017

Tuskegee University Board of Trustees

  • Henry Davis: 06/26/2017

  • Sylvester Hester: 06/26/2017

Alabama Community College Board of Trustees

  • Matthew Woods: 01/26/2018

Education Commission of the States

  • Christian Becraft: 06/02/2017
  • Honorable Jeana Ross: 07/18/2017
  • Dr. Jim Purcell: 07/18/2017

Athens State University Board of Trustees

  • Mary (Cathy) Dickens: 07/18/2017

  • Missy Smith: 10/01/2017

  • Dr. Sandra Sims-de Graffendried: 10/01/2017

Commission on Higher Education

  • Norman Crow, Jr.: 09/22/2017

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