Scott Dawson says Kay Ivey’s new school safety task force is no substitute for action

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On Tuesday, Gov. Kay Ivey unveiled her new “Smart on Safety Initiative” to enhance school safety and security during a press conference at the State Capitol.

But her Republican primary opponent, Evangelist Scott Dawson says Ivey’s task force is no substitute for action as “task force” is ​government code for doing nothing.

“Establishing another task force is no substitute for action and when it comes to the safety of Alabama children, decisive leadership from the state’s highest office is absolutely necessary. I won’t kick the can to another task force​. Task force is ​government code for doing nothing,” Dawson state in a statement. “With the Alabama Legislature’s last day in session ​being ​ April 23rd, the council’s report deadline will be too late for action. Today’s announcement has every appearance of campaign theater, not sound public policy and leadership.​”

Dawson continued, “When Kay Ivey assumed office after the resignation of Governor Robert Bentley, she disbanded 18 task forces which she claimed had been ineffective and promised to ​’​make decisions​’​ not ​’​kick the can.​’​”

​”​As a parent with two kids who attended public school in Alabama I don’t want Alabama to be the last to implement a safe method for arming school personnel for the protection of teachers and students. ​We need action today. ​

​Nineteen other states have passed legislation allowing for some form of a security program for school personnel to coordinate with law enforcement and qualify to carry a firearm incognito. In 2013, the State Legislature enacted a local law for Franklin County​,​ Ala. that  allows suitable teachers, school personnel, and locals to volunteer to be trained as Reserve Deputy Sheriffs and carry firearms on school grounds in Franklin County.

Dawson envisions the state safely implementing a similar program statewide.

​”​I envision Alabama schools allowing teachers who volunteer, and are properly trained, qualified​,​ and deputized to provide armed protection for our schools in coordination with local law enforcement,” added Dawson. “Their names would be kept confidential—reported only to the superintendent and local law enforcement—and they would receive bonuses for their participation​.​”

​”​Kay Ivey’s indecision on a significant issue like this is a clear example to the people of Alabama that she will be more of the same in Montgomery and in this instance our children’s lives are being placed in jeopardy while the Governor restores the Bentley tradition of do​-​nothing task forces.​”​