NAACP slams Kay Ivey’s Confederate monuments campaign ad

Confederate flag waving

​The Alabama NAACP is taking a stand against Gov. Kay Ivey‘s most recent campaign ad highlighting her support of protecting the state’s Confederate monument.

The group met at the capitol in Montgomery, Ala. Saturday afternoon to condemn the ad.

“We’re upset about her using this campaign ad to attract voters to tell people why they should vote for her,” said Benard Simelton, the president of the Alabama NAACP, according to CNN.

Silmelton believes there are a lot of other things Ivey could have made “the hallmark of her campaign.”

“There are a lot of others things she could have made the hallmark of her campaign– education, our horrible criminal justice system. She could have talked about those things that are very, very important to the state of Alabama,” Simelton added.

The ad in question was released by Ivey’s campaign last Tuesday as part of her election bid for a full-term as Governor.

In the 30-second spot, Ivey says “when special interests wanted to tear down our historical monuments, I said no!” In response she signed a law to protect the monuments.

The law, the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act, which preserves all historical monuments on public property that have been in place for at least 40 years, was passed in May 2017.

Ivey’s campaign is defending the ad saying it “we shouldn’t … tear down history.”

“Our ad highlights a law that was passed by the legislature and signed by the governor to protect all of our historical monuments. We can’t, and we shouldn’t change, erase or tear down history. We should learn from all of it,” the campaign said in a statement.


  1. The NAACP should concentrate its efforts on actually “advancing” the interests of the colored people rather than promoting Black racism and encouraging sedition through false agendas and profound propaganda lies. They should be trying to objectively stop drugs and gun violence and Black on Black attacks in the inner cities of Alabama. They should be encouraging Black youngsters to advance and finish high school, provide for technical schools to give poor Black folks job training. They should be lobbing for public transportation to permit Black inner city students and the poor get to school and to jobs. They should be promoting anti-drug policies to curtail this blight in the Black community.

    They should not be taking cheap shots at Confederate Battle Flags and Confederate Monuments and Memorials dedicated to the memory of valiant patriots of the South, many of whom were Black men also.

    The NAACP has become nothing more that a racist hate group bent on stiring the pot of racial division through political extortion, coercian, racial bigotry and lies, just as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have spent their careers in doing. Enough is enough! The NAACP needs to be called out for what it is is today – a racist hate group. The take down Confederate symbols movement is the agenda of he national NAACP headquarters in Baltimore. What has happened in that city is the template they have used in New Orleans, Memphis and have employed in Charlottesville and Richmond and all across Dixie. Their story line is always the same worn out lies and canned propaganda aimed at the liberal media and white guilt. “Monuments were erected to promote Jim Crow and racism”, “monuments were erected to advance the Lost Cause”, “monuments and Battle Flags are racist symbols”, the Confederacy and secession was about slavery and the CSA fought to promote slavery”! This is all tripe and the NAACP should be called out for their seditious lies and slander. Monuments and Battle Flags were raised at the 50th and 100th Anniversary of the War between the States. Monuments were erected in the South at the same time as those erected in the North. Confederate Battle Flags are not racist symbols, but have been co-opted by various groups that also co-opt other symbols (NAZI and our American Flag) also. The Confederacy and Confederate symbols are certainly not about slavery and the War between the States was not fought over slavery. (When the Emancipation Proclamation was made by Abraham Lincoln, a number of Federal Army units threatened to go home.)

    The NAACP’s propagandist accusations against the Confederacy and our Confederate symbols is nothing but seditious slander meant to divide the nation and stir up trouble for their own benefit. Their actions are not something generated as a response to any singular event, but have been in their file cabinet of strategic war plans for decades, which the pull out at opportunistic times to activate. The NAACP is a virulent scourge whose agenda of political correctness has evolved into historical revisionism and has now metastasized into a Maoist Cultural Revolution. Citizens of this nation, both Black and White, need to stand up against their dangerous drivel of dirt and destruction.

  2. Why has the NAACP strayed so far from their original purpose? Once they were a civil rights organization. Now they are an anti veteran. Anti education hate group that does nothing but divide people. Dr. King would be horrified by the present NAACP stance.

  3. Has the Alabama chapter of the NAACP reached out to ISIS representatives yet for their advice concerning the destruction of old, previously acceptable monuments?

  4. The NAACP is not only trying to take down Confederate Monuments in Alabama, but in every state I the United States. The “Take Them Down”. Movement is targeting all Confederate Monuments. Those Monuments were purchased and dedicated by private individuals honoring their Ancestors. The NAACP is targeting other War Memorials also.

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