Wetumpka TEA party straw poll results

Wetumpka TEA Party

After a large turnout at the Wetumpka TEA Party’s event on Monday night, the straw poll results are in.

Advertised as a “meet and greet,” the event allowed Alabamians to meet each candidate individually and ask them questions about the position they are seeking, rather than listen to speeches and debates. Over 40 candidates from offices across the state attended the event.

Governor’s race

The polls concluded that Scott Dawson is the favorite in the Republican governor’s race, remaining undefeated in grassroots straw polls thus far this election season.

Our winning track record in grassroots straw polls reflects the support I see every single day on the campaign trail,” Dawson said.  “We’re bringing a vision for the future, hope for Alabama politics, conservative solutions, and an outsider option with the moxie to top the special interests and make Montgomery a place that serves the people again.” 

 Lt. Governor’s race

In the race for lieutenant governor, Rusty Glover took the top spot.

“I am extremely pleased to see the results of this poll. It shows the momentum that is building for my campaign as a direct result of the hard work I’m putting in across our great state,” stated Glover. “For me, this race is about putting the people of Alabama first. As Lieutenant Governor, I will be a leader and listen to what is important to the people of our state.”

Attorney General’s race

Alice Martin won the straw poll for Attorney General by over 10 points.

“Last night’s results clearly show that the momentum in this race is with my campaign and that we have strong grassroots support throughout the state,” said Martin. “Conservative organizations like the Wetumpka TEA Party have led the fight against big government policies and corruption here in Alabama and I am proud to have the support of a great majority of their members. Conservatives here in Alabama knows that if I am elected Attorney General, establishment politicians will no longer be allowed to enjoy business-as-usual in Montgomery and corrupt officials will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

State Auditor’s race

In a landslide victory, Jim Zeigler won the poll for State Auditor.

Other races

John Merrill won the poll for Secretary of State by over 130 points, Rick Pate was the top choice for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, and John McMillan was the winner of the State Treasure’s poll, leading by nearly 120 points.

The Wetumpka TEA Party stressed in a Facebook post on Tuesday the poll was not scientifically backed, or an endorsement for any particular candidates. It was for purely educational purposes.