ALGOP Chair Terry Lathan slams Doug Jones over opposition of CIA nominee

On Tuesday, Alabama’s newly elected junior senator, Democrat Doug Jones cast his vote again Gina Haspel to be confirmed as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
Now, the Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party is calling him out for opposing the confirmation.
Lathan says Jones “is choosing to put partisanship over our nation’s security.” And that “Alabama voters will remember this when they head to the polls to choose their next U.S. Senator in 2020.”
Read Lathan’s full statement below:


Alabama United States Senator Doug Jones’ decision to deny a vote to confirm Gina Haspel, a highly qualified CIA veteran with three decades of experience, is shameful at best. The recipient of several prestigious awards (including the prestigious George H.W. Bush Award for Excellence in Counterterrorism) and positive recommendations by three former CIA directors, Ms. Haspel is more than deserving of a confirmation by the U.S Senate.

Senator Jones says he will not vote to confirm Ms. Haspel because of her stance on the agency’s former torture policy which she denounced as wrong and as a practice that will not be continued. Several Democrats and the Senate Intelligence Committee have approved Gina Haspel for a confirmation as CIA director. With this much steady support for the nominee, what valid reason does Senator Jones have to not cast a yes vote for this confirmation?

In voting no to confirm Gina Haspel, Senator Jones is choosing to put partisanship over our nation’s security. Alabama voters will remember this when they head to the polls to choose their next U.S. Senator in 2020. Alabama and President Trump vow to put America First. This decision by Senator Jones simply does not do that.


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  1. Cassandra Leigh Williamson on

    Those people who have the courage to stand on values and principal will get my vote every time. The Alabama GOP proceed its true colors when they backed Roy Moore.

    Hugs in Christ,

    Cassandra Leigh Williamson
    Tuscaloosa, AL

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