Here’s everyone the Alabama Grocers Association has endorsed in the 2018 election cycle


The food retail industry in Alabama provides over 69,000 jobs with over $2.2 billion in annual wages paid. Grocers pay over $1.2 billion in state taxes and have a total economic impact on the state’s economy of over $12 billion dollars, which is why the Alabama Grocers Association (AGA), the leading voice of the grocery industry in the state of Alabama, has officially made a bevy of endorsements for candidates who have opposition in the June 5 primary.

Founded in 1990, AGA is dedicated to advocating for a business climate that creates, protects and promotes the grocery industry in Alabama.

“We believe the following candidates understand the role of the grocery industry and its importance to the economy of the state of Alabama,” said Frank D’Amico, III, Alabama Grocers Association Chairman.

“AGA is confident these candidates will be fair to our industry and represent the best choices in this primary election,” said Ellie Taylor, Alabama Grocers Association President.

Here are the candidates who SACKPAC (the political arm of the AGA) has endorsed who they believe have the best record and pro-business attitude:

U.S. Congress

  • U.S. House of Representatives, District 2: Martha Roby (R)
  • U.S.House of Representatives, District 4: Robert Aderholt (R)

Statewide races

  • Governor: Kay Ivey (R)
  • Lieutenant Governor: Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh (R)
  • Attorney General: Steve Marshall (R)
  • Secretary of State: John Merrill (R)
  • Treasurer: John McMillan (R)
  • Commissioner, Alabama Department of Agriculture & Industries: Rick Pate (R)

State Senate Races

  • District 2: Tom Butler (R)
  • District 7: Mary Scott Hunter (R)
  • District 8: Steve Livingston (R)
  • District 10: Craig Ford (I)
  • District 12: Del Marsh (R)
  • District 21: Gerald Allen (R)
  • District 25: Will Barfoot (R)
  • District 26: John Knight (D)
  • District 33: Vivian Figures (D)
  • District 34: Jack Williams (R)

State House Races

    • District 3: Humphrey Lee (R)
    • District 9: Scott Stadthagen (R)
    • District 10: Mike Ball (R)
    • District 12: Corey Harbison (R)
    • District 14: Tim Wadsworth (R)
    • District 16: Kyle South (R)
    • District 17: Phil Segraves (R)
    • District 18: Jamie Kiel (R)
    • District 19: Laura Hall (D)
    • District 22: Ritchie Whorton (R)
    • District 23: Tommy Hanes (R)
    • District 27: Wes Kitchens (R)
    • District 30: Robert McKay (R)
    • District 31: Mike Holmes (R)
    • District 32: Barbara Boyd (D)
    • District 39: Ginny Shaver (R)
    • District 42: James M. “Jimmy” Martin (R)
    • District 45: Dickie Drake (R)
    • District 48: Jim Carns (R)
    • District 49: April Weaver (R)
    • District 55: Roderick Scott (D)
    • District 56: Louise Alexander (D)
    • District 59: Mary Moore (D)
    • District 61: Billy McFarland (R)
    • District 64: Harry Shiver (R)
    • District 73: Matt Fridy (R)
    • District 77: Malcolm Calhoun (D)
    • District 82: Pebblin Warren (D)
    • District 85: Dexter Grimsley (D)
    • District 89: Marcus Paramore (R)
    • District 97: Adline Clark (D)
    • District 102: Willie Gray (R)
    • District 105: Chip Brown (R)

Alabama Supreme Court

  • Justice: Lyn Stuart (R)
  • Associate Justice, Place 1: Brad Mendheim (R)
  • Associate Justice, Place 4: Jay Mitchell (R)

Alabama Court of Civil Appeals

  • Place 1: Christy Edwards (R)
  • Place 2: Judge Terri Thomas (R)
  • lace 3: Judge Terry Moore (R)

Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals

  • Place 1: Richard Minor (R)
  • Place 2: Chris McCool (R)
  • Place 3: Judge Bill Cole (R)

Public Service Commission

  • Place 1: Jeremy Oden (R)
  • Place 2: Chris “Chip” Beeker, Jr. (R)

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