Standing with Publix and the Second Amendment tomorrow and in the future

David Hogg_Publix

Parkland survivor David Hogg — currently one of the nation’s most outspoken, anti-gun advocates — is making headlines yet again. He’s unsuccessfully called for boycotts of Fox News host Laura Ingram  and then BlackRock and Vanguard but why let those failures keep him down if at first and second times you don’t succeed Hogg clearly believe you should try again. This time he’s calling for the boycott and a “die in” of Publix supermarkets tomorrow (Friday, May 25, 2018), because the central-Florida based grocer supported Rep. Adam Putnam, an NRA-endorsed candidate, in the state’s gubernatorial election. His tweet says he’s going to be crashing his local stores but invites others to join at other locations. Meaning even here in Alabama we may see an activists or two (however unlikely) in our stores.

While I wholeheartedly disagree with both Hogg’s message and his tactics (hello, encouraging people to go lay down in grocery stores is absurd) I do applaud the fact that he’s engaged. I’ve said it before that my support of constitutional rights, in this case the First Amendment doesn’t just apply to those I agree with. I’m all for protecting the rights of those I disagree with if only the other side felt the same.

That said, Hogg’s right to assembly, in this case, is up to Publix what happens once they’re there. I for one and hoping they don’t idly stand by while people make a scene in their stores and disrupt the lives of those simply going about their daily business trying to feed themselves and their families. Even the leftist (or are they progressive?) organization, ACLU will tell you that when protesting on private property the property owners have the right to tell you to leave.

I see this as a as call to arms (figuratively speaking of course – Disclaimerfor those who would say I’m encouraging otherwise) to those of us who support Second Amendment rights and Publix’s right to support the candidates of their choice, to show up at our local Publix tomorrow and spend our money in opposition to the sideshow that Hogg is trying to create.

What Hogg (or more accurately the gun control lobby and agenda pushers whispering in his ear) is focusing on is Publix’s political donations. What he misses is how much Publix does for the communities around its stores. Not just in Florida where they are based, but in every state, including Alabama where they have locations.

I’ve researched Publix and its charitable giving. The company gives a TON of money to the Yellowhammer State and to entities that support our local communities.

Here are just a few highlights of their Alabama-based charitable giving in just the last year:

Join me tomorrow in shopping at one of Publix’s 68 Alabama stores in a public show of support to thank them for all that they do in our neighborhoods. We cannot let our voices be drowned out by the voices who fail to to offer true and real solutions to the tragic shootings happening in our schools, but instead are painting good companies like Publix as bad guys.


  1. I thought I heard Hogg admit he wasn’t even on the property with the shooting began. If that is true, how the hell does this punk ass pip squeak come off calling himself a survivor. David Hogg, you are a reckless punk who doesn’t have any solutions, just causing turmoil and claiming free speech. Every action has a reaction . You lay your skinny ass under my foot and you may learn a hard life lesson.

    Support publix and my freedom of expression and my right, my right, to own a gun.

  2. David Hogg is now resorting to extortion, demanding 1 million dollars from Publix. He needs to be arrested. Too bad I live in NY, no where near a Publix , because I would be rounding up everyone I know to go shopping tomorrow. If Publix gives in to this moron’s demands they are fools and will only embolden this Little Hitler. Also , the NRA should due him for slander. I’m hoping all your readers show their support tomorrow. I’ll be with you in spirit.

  3. Publix locations should ask their cops to stand by to immediately arrest ‘protesters’ who disrupt their businesses and refuse to leave.

    No slack, send the message: Your rights don’t include obstructing the conduct of my lawful business.

  4. The little twerp needs to come to the shooting range and empty couple 30 round clips from a AR-15. Might help his constipation problem. He is the new definition of domestic terrorist. At least he thinks so. hen he fades from the news, wonder what profession he will pursue. Not much call for someone of his “caliber”….

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