Get to know: Gerald Dial, Republican candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries

Gerald Dial

State Sen. Gerald Dial is one four Republican candidates vying for their Party’s nomination for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries this year.

Born and raised in Alabama, Dial has been serving his community, his country and his state for most of his adult life. From working for Lineville High School as a teacher and coach, to working as a real estate developer, and serving on the Lineville City Council, Dials’ even served in the Alabama National Guard as a brigadier general.

Dial’s no stranger to state politics. He was first elected to the Alabama State House in 1974 and served there until 1982, and has been serving in the state’s upper chamber since he was elected in 2010. Now he’s running for Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries because he wants to “want to protect, produce, promote our state’s agricultural interests.”

With easily the catchiest, and most upbeat campaign ad of the entire election cycle, Dial has recently surged in the Agriculture Commissioner race.

Here Dial is in his own words:

  1. Significant other? How long married? Kids? Married 57 years to Faye B Dial a retired Teacher/ Melanie Dial Lamb /Jason Dial
  2. Education background? Professional background? BS degree from West Al -Former Teacher-Coach ( football, basketball) 36years In military National Guard retired as a Bg(Al).
  3. What was your first job before college/adulthood and after? First job working at state park during summer / Teacher-Coach/owner operated of building Supply Co/State Representatives/State Senator.
  4. In 45 words or less, why are you running for office? This is the second most important job in government. It oversees the largest economic part of our state representing a $70 billion industry. I want to protect, produce, and promote our state’s agricultural interests, increase our exports, expand irrigation, and protect our food supply.
  5. Did you speak with anybody in your political party before deciding on running? Receive any encouragement? From whom? Yes Agriculture leg chairs. Farmers Federation members all I spoke with encouraged me.
  6. Who do you count on for advice besides significant other or clergy? Fellow legislators, members of congress and the local farmers. I maintain constant contact with also U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue.
  7. Who is your political consultant? Campaign manager? Brett Buchanan
  8. Who was the first person to contribute to your campaign? Why did they donate? My wife. She had faith that I will make a difference and she understands how hard I will work to make a difference.
  9. Who, if anyone, inspires you in state government? N/A
  10. Why do people mistrust elected officials and what are you going to do about it? I have served for years and you have to be trusted and honest with the people all the time.
  11. What are 3 specific policy positions that you’re running on? (Please don’t simply say “education” or “improving the schools”)
    1. Protecting food supply
    2. Increasing food production
    3. Promoting Ag exports
  12. What is a “disruptive” issue (i.e. ride-sharing) you are interested in? Over regulation of Agriculture.
  13. Name one current state law you would want repealed? Sales tax on food.
  14. Who was the best governor in Alabama’s modern history? Each had distinct assets and liabilities.
  15. What will set you apart from other candidates in this race? My experience my work ethic and my ability to work with others.
  16. What’s the first thing you read each morning? Email my daily inspiration.
  17. Where do you get your political news? Email – tv news.
  18. Favorite TV series? No time. I watch sports.
  19. Social media presence? Twitter handle? Facebook? Who posts you, campaign staff, combination?
    1. Facebook.
    2. I post.
  20. In 140 characters, what’s a Tweet that best describes your campaign message. N/A
  21. Hobbies? Fishing
  22. Favorite sport and sports team? Troy Trojans/Alabama Tide/ Auburn Tigers

With less than two weeks until voters head to the ballots, is inviting all candidates running for office in Alabama this year, to complete a questionnaire we believe offers an interesting, albeit, thumbnail sketch of who they are and why they are running. If you are a candidate and would like to complete the questionnaire, email