Bradley Byrne introduces Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Congress

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Alabama 1st District U.S. Rep. Bradley Byrne proposed a Constitutional amendment on Wednesday that would impose term limits on members of both houses of Congress.

House Joint Resolution 25 would amend the Constitution to limit Congressional service to six two-year House terms and two six-year Senate terms, or twelve years in each case.

“Seats in Congress belong to the American people, not any single elected official,” explained Byrne. “Our Founding Fathers never expected individuals to make a career out of Congressional service, and term limits will allow us to keep fresh blood and ideas in the halls of Congress.

“When I first ran for Congress, I pledged to support term limits, and I remain committed to that promise. I urge my colleagues in Congress to support this legislation to ensure the power remains with the people, not the government.”

In April of last year, President Donald Trump voiced his support for term-limits for members of Congress.

Byrne cosponsored similar amendments in the 113th, 114th, and 115th Congress.  

Watch Byrne discuss his support for term limits: