ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan weighs-in following primary election results

Terry Lathan
ALGOP Chairman Terry Lathan [Photo Credit: ALGOP Facebook]
Following Tuesday’s primary’s across the state, Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) Chairman Terry Lathan offered her congratulations to the candidates.
“Congratulations to our Alabama Republicans who won their races Tuesday. We are proud of our strong ALGOP candidates for venturing in to the arena of patriot service and running for office,” Lathan said in a statement. “It is not an easy task, but it is important to remember they are protecting Alabama from liberal progressive actions while highlighting solid conservative policies.”
She continued, “Congratulations to Governor Kay Ivey on strongly securing the Republican nomination for Governor of Alabama. At the time of this release, Governor Ivey’s vote totals were more than the entire Democratic Gubernatorial field combined.”
Lathan went on to encourage Republican voters to participate in the July 17th runoff elections.
“We encourage Republicans to join us one more important time, Tuesday, July 17th, to finish choosing our November general election team,” Lathan added. “A vote for an Alabama Republican is a vote for fiscal responsibility, 2nd Amendment rights, tax cuts, strong border security, pro-life legislation, emphasis on our education system and a continued strong economy. These ARE the values that Alabama voters hold and want to see in our state.”