Steve Marshall shows fundraising lead over runoff opponent Troy King

Troy King_Steve Marshall

In the race for Attorney General, incumbent Steve Marshall is showing a substantial fundraising lead over his opponent Troy King, just ten days prior to the July 17 runoff election.

The race has amassed a significant amount of attention from political PAC’s and voters alike, giving good reason for the millions accumulated and spent by both men.

Although the title of “Attorney General” might not seem like the most glamorous title in Alabama politics, the position is viewed by many as the second most important job in state government.

“The powers given by the state constitution and the Legislature are significant,” Retired political science professor Jess Brown told “But the very nature of the office is that the occupant is the chief lawyer for this state and can, in fact, go represent state government even when they don’t want him to.”

A look at the numbers

Marshall is financially in the lead with $2.4 million raised for his campaign. Thus far he’s spent $2.1 million of those dollars. King follows a significant amount behind having raised $1.8 million, and spending $1.7 million.

Both men received a bump in donations after the June 5 primary, but King holds the edge here; Marshall garnered $257,000 in donations, while King amassed $302,000.

Both men paused their campaigns after the unexpected death of Marshall’s wife Bridgette Gentry Marshall in late June.

Resuming his race on June 30, King vowed to keep on message of his political record and qualifications going forward.

Marshall resumed his race earlier this week, saying Bridgette would have wanted him to get back to work and serve the people of Alabama.