U.S. Chamber throws support to Martha Roby, against Bobby Bright in AL-02 race

Chamber ad against Bright

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has again inserted itself into the Alabama’s 2nd District congressional race —where four-time incumbent U.S. Rep. Martha Roby has found herself forced into a runoff with primary challenger, former U.S. Rep. Bobby Bright — introducing a second ad in Roby’s favor.

The ad draws a contrast between Bright, who the Chamber says has a record of supporting Nancy Pelosi‘s liberal agenda, with Roby’s conservative record of voting for tax cuts and standing up for Alabama’s farmers.

“The choice is clear,” the ad says. “Fall with Pelosi and Bright, or stand with Roby and Trump.”

This is the U.S. Chamber’s second ad in this race.

You can watch the first ad below:

A political rematch

Bright, the former mayor of Montgomery, Ala. is seeking a rematch with incumbent Roby. He. made the announcement he was running against her in February at the Alabama Republican Party Headquarters in Birmingham, Ala. where he explained he believes he’ll be more effective in Washington as a Republican.

“I tried to be a Democrat, and I didn’t do the job as a Democrat that I wanted to do,” Bright said, “mainly because my beliefs are conservative and that kind of held me back.”

In the June 5th primary, Bright forced Roby into a runoff with her 39 percent to his 28 percent. The two face-off again in the runoff election June 17.