Kay Ivey draws contrast between her stance on gun rights and Walt Maddox’s


Republican, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey may be dodging debates with her Democratic, gubernatorial opponent, Walt Maddox, but she’s certainly not missing the opportunity to draw a stark contrast between their policy positions.

On Monday, Ivey’s campaign sent a new release doing just that to their positions on gun control.

Ivey pointed out that on Friday, when asked about his position on the Second Amendment, Maddox pointed to his endorsement by a gun control group that also endorsed Hillary Clinton, Moms Demand Action.

The Michael Bloomberg funded group is the largest grassroots movement working to reduce gun violence.

Ivey went on to further hammer-down Maddox’s long history of supporting gun control, detailing that his anti-gun measures first became evident in 2007 when he banned Tuscaloosa city employees from carrying a gun to work, even in their car.

He expanded the ban in 2010 with an executive order that prohibited citizens from carrying a gun on any city property. Ivey explained that the policy was “so extreme” Alabama’s Attorney General was forced to step in repeatedly to protect the Second Amendment in the face of Maddox’s gun ban. 

In the Democratic Gubernatorial primary, Maddox admitted he supports removing existing constitutional rights from Alabamians if the “restraint” of these rights helps other.

Ivey vs Maddox

Arming teachers

Ivey: “All options are on the table to keep Alabama’s children safe.”

Maddox: “Arming teachers or administrators should be a big issue in the campaign for everybody who is concerned that adding more guns in schools – arming people who do not receive the rigorous training and certifications of law enforcement officers – will only make the situation more dangerous. The mothers I’ve spoken with across this state are passionately against the idea of putting more guns in their children’s schools.”

NRA endorsement

Ivey: Endorsed by the NRA.

Maddox: Not endorsed by the NRA.