Alabama AFL-CIO backs Judge Bob Vance for Chief Justice


The AlabamaAmerican Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) — a pro-labor  union group that advocates for social and economic justice and working to vanquish oppression and make Alabama communities better for all people—regardless of race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, or ethnic or national origin — endorsed Judge Bob Vance, Democratic candidate for Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, for the November 6 general election this week.

Vance spoke at the AFL-CIO Candidate Forum in Montgomery, Ala. on Thursday, August 2 about the issues facing the Alabama court system and the need for better funding to address these challenges. He also stressed the need for the courts to serve all Alabamians, regardless of income, race, or religion, and he pledged to stand above political rancor and divisiveness.

Vance said he is honored to receive Alabama AFL-CIO’s endorsement.

“The advocacy the organization provides on behalf of working families across our state is of the utmost importance,” Vance said.


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