Robert Aderholt says government shutdown depends on Democrats funding border wall

Robert Aderholt
Rep. Robert Aderholt [Photo via Capitol Journal]

Back home in the District for a month-long district work period, more commonly called “August Recess,” Alabama 4th District U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt appeared on Alabama Public Televisions’ “Capitol Journal” on Friday where he discussed the upcoming appropriations bill in the House and Congress’ efforts to tackle them before the start of the new fiscal year on Oct. 1.

When asked about a possible government shutdown over government funding priorities, Aderholt said it all depends the Democrats and how the react to President Donald Trump‘s request that the appropriations package funds the border wall with Mexico.

“I think it all depends on what the Democrats do with funding the wall,” explained Aderholt. “They just do not want to have the border security on the wall issue. The president very much does want to have it.”

He continued, “The president ran on this issue, he was elected because of this issue, and I think he feels like he needs to live up… I think we’ll see what the Democrats want to do, if they want to shut down the government saying we want no funding for the wall. I think it’s really up to them.”

When pressed further on the issue, Aderholt explained that whether or not Democrats reach across the aisle on the issue really depends on the “political climate as we get closer to the election.”

“But, it’s amazing to me this is the one issue they’re dug in on. They do not want to build the wall, but yet that’s what the president talks about,” Aderholt continued. “It would be one thing if the president never talked about it and now wants to build the wall. That’s the thing he talks about probably the most. That’s the thing the American people want – border security. So, having a secure wall and having a border there.”

Despite political protest from his Democratic colleagues, Aderholt ultimately believes the wall will be funded.

“I don’t know the Democrats want to go home and say, ‘We shut down the government because we don’t want to build a wall. We don’t want to secure the border,’” added Aderholt.

Watch Aderholt’s interview below: