Former Chief Justice, gubernatorial candidate Sue Bell Cobb calls for Nancy Worley’s resignation

Sue Bell Cobb
[Photo Credit: Judge Sue Bell Cobb on Facebook]

Former Chief Justice and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Sue Bell Cobb called for the resignation of Alabama Democratic Party Chair Nancy Worley, and Alabama Democratic Conference leader Joe Reed on Sunday.

In an Opinion-Editorial published by the Anniston Star, Cobb makes her case against Worley and Reed, saying they should “make a sacrifice worthy of their lifelong dedication to racial and gender equality and their decade-long contributions to the party,” and step down from their positions so that new leaders may recruit and support “qualified, electable Democratic candidates.”

“The upcoming November election has given Democrats in Alabama an opportunity to achieve measurable gains. Republicans in our state are proven to be corrupt, with the former governor, speaker of the House and chief justice all being ousted for wrongdoing. It should be easy to take advantage of the embarrassment caused by the former Republican governor’s love affair, subsequent divorce and resignation,” Cobb continued.

“It should be easy to take advantage of the felony conviction of the former Republican speaker of the House and for his violation of the ethics laws he championed in his rise to power. And it should be easy to take advantage of the twin removals of a Republican chief justice. Sadly, Worley and Reed were unable or unwilling to do so.”

The party has faced a tumultuous month since Worley’s re-election in early August.

Worley herself is being sued by a fellow member of the party, Susan Cobb for allegedly removing her from the party’s website and restructuring the committee, effectively removing her from office.

And Ralph Young, a Jefferson County Democrat, filed a seven-page complaint with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) saying that Worley did not follow proper procedures when calling the meeting that led to her re-election. Claiming she gave inadequate notice and failed to comply with diversity requirements for officers.