Tommy Battle proposes a balanced FY19 budget to Huntsville City Council

Huntsville, Ala.
Huntsville, Ala. [Photo Credit:]

Huntsville, Ala. Mayor Tommy Battle proposed a balanced budget for the FY 2019 fiscal year during Thursday night’s regular City Council meeting that provides level funding for most municipal departments and outside agencies.

Battle proposed a $254.4 million operating budget that represents a modest $12.2 million increase over the  FY 2018 budget. It includes $209.7 million in general fund operations, of which roughly 72 percent goes toward personnel expenses, and $144.5 million in capital projects.

“We continue to see strong growth in jobs and, therefore, steady growth in our population. This budget sustains our annual investments in infrastructure and expanding services needed to stay ahead of the growth in our community,” said Battle. “The fiscal responsibility with which our administration and the City Council have approached the management of our grow is reflected in our dual triple-A credit ratings.”

The Mayor is asking Council to continue prudent capital expenditures in the City’s infrastructure and public facilities including over $41 million in road construction and maintenance, approximately $27 million in parks and recreational facilities, and $7.8 million and public safety facilities and equipment. Additionally, this budget sustains the steady growth in the City’s discretionary contribution to local funding of Huntsville City Schools, topping $24 million for the first time.

Late in FY18, the City Council added 10 police officer positions to be filled during FY19. Battle’s budget also adds critical positions to the Public Works Department needed for increased sanitation services and road maintenance.

Highlights of the FY19 budget include:

  • $41 million for road construction, repaving, and maintenance
  • $27 million for public park and recreation projects
  • $25 million for City Hall construction
  • $24.5 million for Huntsville City Schools
  • $24.7 million for outside agency special appropriations
  • 1% Cost of Living increase for City employees

Council members will consider the budget for final approval at their regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 27, ahead of the start of the 2019 fiscal year on Oct. 1.