Moving up the ranks: Rep. Gary Palmer elected to House leadership team

Gary Palmer opinion

House Republicans chose their leadership team for the next Congress on Wednesday and among them is Alabama 6th District U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer.

Palmer, who first joined Congress in 2015, was elected to the position of Republican Policy Committee Chair for the 116th Congress — the fifth highest ranking leadership position among House Republicans. Prior to this, Palmer served as the Vice Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee.

“I appreciate the faith that my colleagues have placed in me and am grateful for their support,” Palmer said in a statement. “Throughout my career, I have focused on being a problem solver and developing and promoting sound policies, so I feel like I’m uniquely prepared for this role. I look forward to working with my colleagues as we continue advancing and promoting ideas supported by the American people.”

Established in 1949 by the House Republican Conference, the Republican Policy Committee (RPC) is a place for Republicans in the House to generate quality legislative proposals. More specifically, “The RPC serves as an advisory Committee to House Republicans and provides a forum for Republican Members to discuss legislative proposals before the House. The Committee reports its findings and suggestions for consideration to the Republican Conference,” according to the RPC website.

In his new role Palmer will tap into the experience and skill sets he developed at the Alabama Policy Institute (API), where he served as president for 24 years. During his tenure, the API became a full-spectrum public policy organization that engaged in virtually all policy issues that affected Alabamians. It is considered the premier conservative think-tank in Alabama.

Palmer also sits on the House Budget Committee and the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

His Alabama House colleagues congratulated him following his election to the position.

Palmer pictured on the left.

Palmer will serve in the GOP’s leadership team alongside:

  • Minority Leader: Rep. Kevin McCarthy
  • Minority Whip: Rep. Steve Scalise
  • Conference Committee Chair: Rep. Liz Cheney
  • Conference Committee Vice Chair: Rep. Mark Walker
  • Conference Committee Secretary: Rep. Jason Smith
  • National Republican Campaign Committee Chair: Rep. Tom Emmer