We should celebrate, not shame, a ready military

USS Enterprise at sea before its decommissioning.

On New Years Eve the twitter account for the U.S Strategic Command @US_Stratcom tweeted a message that has garnered headlines throughout the world New Years day. A tweet they later apologized for calling “in poor taste.”

Original, now deleted tweet.

The sentiment of the message was clear, our military is ready for war if ever needed.

How and why would that offend anyone? There are grave threats to our national security from countries and entities around the world who would love to see our nation fall and its people targeted.

Our military’s ability and willingness to defend us, if and when they’re needed, is something to be celebrated. Not something to be ashamed of. For those who believe otherwise, you’re missing the point. It is those on the front lines willing to give their lives to protect our lives who make it possible for you to sit behind a computer or phone screen and whine and complain about how the reality of their jobs.

To the naysayers “offended” by a show of might: May 2019 bring you some perspective on the safety and rights that are often taken for granted in our great country. In the meantime, thank you to each of the servicemen and women and their families.

Apology tweet.