Del Marsh pre-files bill to allow Alabamians to donate state income tax return monies to fund border wall


As federal lawmakers face a Feb. 15 deadline for reaching a deal on border security, an Alabama state senator has a solution of his own.

Anniston-Republican, Senate President Pro Tempore Del Marsh on Tuesday announced that he has pre-filed legislation that would allow taxpayers to check a box on their Alabama tax returns to donate to We Build the Wall, Inc.

“As I talk to people in my district and around the state, border security is the number one thing I hear about,” Marsh explained. “This is obviously an issue that has people very concerned and one that needs to be addressed.”

Under Marsh’s proposal, if an individual desired to donate to We Build the Wall they would be able to check a box on their state income tax return and designate the amount of their tax return they wished to donate.

Currently, Alabamians have the ability to check off contributions on their tax returns for many different entities including the Alabama 4-H, Alabama Aging program, Arts Development Fund, and USS Alabama Battleship Commission.

“It is obvious that many people in the Federal government have little desire to address border security, so this is an easy way for people in Alabama, if they choose, to check a box and make a donation in support of building a border wall,” Marsh add.

We Build the Wall, Inc. is a Florida-based non-profit raising funds to build the wall along the United States border with Mexico for national security purposes. It was launched in December by 37-year-old Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee who received a Purple Heart while serving in Iraq. At the time of publishing it has raised over $20 million through a GoFundMe campaign.

The 2019 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature begins March 5.