Hurry back, John. You’re the reason I visit

John Archibald
[Photo Credit: Wikipedia]

You probably saw it yourself, but if you didn’t John Archibald is taking a book sabbatical from

That’s all around bad news bears for everyone. If you’re one of the people like me who love his writing though frequently disagree with him or his takeaways (he gave our section of readership a shout out in his goodbye note) you’ll miss him because why Kyle Whitmire is good he’s not Archibald good and may never be. His bias isn’t as frequently backed up as facts as Johns and while john dislikes or hates the way the game is played it seems Kyle just hates everyone on the field and many of the spectators. John talks to us. Many other commentators talk down to us.

A book from Archibald? That will undoubtedly make good reading and I will be on the front lines to preorder it if only to curse and provide commentary every page.

Good luck, John. just lost more than half my clicks which were to see what you were writing about.