Bombshell: Kay Ivey video says leadership vetted candidates and only encouraged tax raisers to run

Ivey gas tax
Governor Kay Ivey makes a major announcement about her gas tax plan. Speaker Mac McCutcheon pictured to her left. Wednesday, February 27, 2019 in Maplesville, Ala. [Photo Credit: Governor's Office |Hal Yeager]

If a picture is worth 1,000 words how many words is a video worth explaining the situation freshmen members of the state legislature are finding themselves in? Without commentary you watch and be the judge.

Please note this answer came from an exclusive interview Governor Kay Ivey did with WSFA, which can be found HERE in its entirety.


Question: I spoke with some Republican lawmakers today, freshman and not freshman. Saying man that they say, they say they have not had a chance to really read the bill and explain to their constituents what’s going on. Some, one even said they feel like it’s being jammed down their throat. What are your thoughts on that?

Kay Ivey: Well, all the freshman who ran for the house and senate were indeed briefed on the need for an infrastructure bill well before they were elected and they were vetted by the House and Senate leadership and if they were not for increasing the gas tax for infrastructure they were not encouraged to run. The freshman may be knowing more than they may be telling you…