John Giles: National frustrations hit high water mark


When I was first officially assigned a role in the public sector, Governor Guy Hunt appointed me in 1989, as Alabama State Small Business Advocate. I was
thirty-five years old, a team player, easy to work with, friendly to everyone in
government and the private sector, yet mission oriented to advance the cause of
the Hunt Administration. I can remember having a much greater capacity back
then to take on more water, metaphorically speaking dealing with the slow
bureaucracies, political non-sense and the inability to advance the ball down the
field. Just thirty years later, I find my capacity for this non-sense has shrunk, my
flash point greatly lowered, and joining America’s escalating frustration. We
have hit our high-water mark with the dramatic scenes being played out in DC
and on the 2020 Democrat Presidential campaign trail.

The “swamp,” as Donald Trump calls it, has existed all these years, but now has hit the
exponential curve at the state and national level. I used to think my cultivated
diplomatic skills would allow me weave and navigate my way around the
landmines of obstruction for progress, and to some degree it worked. Looking
back on those days, I can clearly see now, if you had a total of ten moves in a
day, eight of them were stroking egos, extinguishing little fires, petting the
offended and only two moves in the day was advancing the positive cause of
promoting economic, social, moral and constitutional governing. If one spent a
lifetime in this public sector environment with pure motives, you should know
up front, you will only accomplish 20 percent of your capacity, or you will flame out
early. If you understand going in the rules of engagement will greatly hinder
advancing a conservative cause, the tactics of the southern gentleman diplomat,
who wants everyone to like them because of their selfish desire of future
advancement politically, will be guaranteed few earned scored points for the
betterment of mankind at the end of each day.

Trump’s sense of urgency, lack of bedside manners, brassy, sometimes rudeness
and New York style street fighting tendencies offends the southern gentleman
approach to governing, but the fierce, out of control, violent, win at all cost and
maligning modern day Democrat behavioral style, can only be put in checkmate with one thing…a 2 x 4 brought to the fight. Unfortunately, the rules of public
discourse being changed by Democrats over the years, particularly since the
November 2016 election, requires one to step in the ring swinging in order to
advance the will of the American people. But Giles, what about Christianity,
and Christian principles; sure let’s discuss this point for a moment.

Let us remember, Jesus physically cleared the decks in the synagogue of the
greedy merchants personally profiting in the sacred house. Jesus also had an
offensive tongue using words like, brood of vipers, serpents, foolish ones, blind
(figuratively not literally), liars and he also called his adversaries hypocrites, just
to list off a few. Trump is certainly no saint and definitely not the messiah, but
do we see some current modern day similarities. Jesus was falsely accused of
blasphemy; they held a kangaroo court and then executed him.

In the 2016 election cycle, pollsters were trying to brute force a win for Hillary
over Trump. Late at night, on November 8, 2016, Democrats were wailing and
gnashing their teeth at the Clinton Victory Party. Where was Hillary…pitching
a hissy fit and did not even show up. Trump well exceeded the Electoral
College threshold of 270 with 304 earned votes. Then they tried to override the
constitution bending the narrative around a popular vote. After the
inauguration, the Washington Riot Style March filled the streets with women
wearing female genital hats. Immediately, the tone of impeachment echoed
among Democrats and the liberal media. They cranked up a fairy tale story of
Russian collusion, when Hillary was the one colluding with Russians. Comey,
rogue FBI cops and some of his treasonist intelligence community colleagues
laid out a Trojan horse strategy for Trump’s removal, fueled by a false dossier
paid for by Clinton, DNC and Soros. Two years and forty five million US
taxpayer dollars later, the Mueller Report was a Big Zero. Then, the false
Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing fiction played out as choreographed and they
were caught again. Now we have an unidentified whistle-blower, launching an
impeachment through surrogate hearsay, presumptions, and false testimonies,
when all they had to do is read the conversation transcript. It might have
helped for them to watch the Ukrainian President on TV categorically deny any
pressures of quid quo pro by Trump. If I was reading a novel and not living this
real time, I would be thinking in these terms: brood of vipers, serpents, foolish ones, blind (figuratively not literally), certified liars and hypocrites. Sound

For a minute let me rewind to the 2016 election cycle. Americans had hit their
high water mark on political correctness, watching Obama split the country
instead of being the healer he promised. Remember “CHANGE,” we got it
alright. The DOJ, under Eric Holder became the largest Civil Rights law firm in
the country going after cops rather than criminals. Obama’s “Green Jobs”
economic development plan turned into closed windmill plants and millions of
wasted grant dollars. Globetrotting on expensive golf vacations and apologizing
to the world that somehow America was guilty of some abusive behavior.
Obama had strategically weakened our military to an all-time low. The final
results of this eighth year behavior, Trump and the deplorables dumped the
Obama-Clinton machine.

Now let’s fast forward to the 2020 elections. You would think they would learn
from 2016, but some folks tend to walk back through the same yard where the
dog bit them last time. America is experiencing historic low employment, job
creation, capital investment, stock market is unprecedentedly soaring, world
now respects us, balancing the trade defects, rebuilding the military, taking care
of our veterans, reining in illegal immigration, building the wall, respecting and
supporting law enforcement officers, appointing constitution originalist to the
federal bench, sticking to the list of twenty three for the U.S. Supreme Court
vacancies, moving the U.S. Embassy for Israel to Jerusalem, opening up
domestic oil production and leading globally in oil exports, stepping up NATO
partners investment in protecting Europe, pulling out of the fake science driven
Paris Climate Accord, renegotiating NAFTA and GATT for a new balanced
trade relations between Mexico and Canada, put little man in North Korea in
checkmate and letting China know we are still the world leader on all fronts. I
apologize if I missed some of the key performance indicators of the Trump
administration over the past three years. All of this measurable production in
the face of the daily deluging obstruction and resistance from Chuck, Nancy,
Adam, Jerry and the overwhelming majority of the “make it up as you” go
liberal socialist media.

So, you can sense from my tone, I am no longer the patient southern gentleman
diplomat you once knew. Democrats, you have awakened the great sleeping
giant once again. My experience in the public sector has given me a high degree
of accuracy in measuring public sentiment. I believe sixty three plus million and
more Americans join me in this wave wanting to right all of these wrongs. We
are greatly annoyed, now intolerant, find distaste, loss of patience and quite
frankly find ourselves chapped off and cussing mad at the news coming out of
Capitol Hill. Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one
generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the
bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do
the same.” We all know from witnessing it firsthand, socialism and communism
for America is only one election away.

The 2020 elections are going to be a tsunami. In a landslide, we should win back
the house, hold onto the senate and keep the Trump led White House. Let me
suggest to our GOP men and women serving in the U.S. Congress, if this
happens, strap on the titanium body vest and be ready to follow this president
to wage war on behalf of the American people. Your well-funded K-Street
lobbyist friends, screaming media and whining Democrats will for once take a
back seat to the will of the American people.

We have hit our high water mark.