Alabama Coal Association transitions Alabama Mining Association, focuses on sustainable use of natural resources

The impact of coal mining on Alabama communities expands far beyond the mine seam.

The Alabama Coal Association is moving to the future and has renamed itself. The new name, Alabama Mining Association, comes with a new digital identity and website

The mission of AMA is to “promote the safe and sustainable mining of the natural resources that strengthen our infrastructure and grow our economy for all Alabamians.”

Patrick Cagle, president of the Alabama Mining Association, stated, “I am honored to serve as the President of the Alabama Mining Association (AMA), and I welcome this opportunity to tell you more about who we are and our vision for the future. As a nonprofit trade association, AMA serves as the unified voice of Alabama’s mining industry. Our mission is to promote the safe and sustainable mining of the natural resources that strengthen our infrastructure and grow our great state’s economy.”

Cagle added, “Membership in AMA is open to all sectors of our state’s mining industry as well as the vendors and service providers that support the mining industry. My goal is to equip our members with the best resources available to thrive in an ever-changing legislative, regulatory, and social environment.”

Cagle became the Alabama Coal Association president in 2018, replacing George Barber. In 2018, the ACA website stated that the group was formed in 1972 by a small number of surface mining companies who “recognized the need for a unified voice to cope with the modern-day issues that impact so dramatically on the mining industry, the ACA now represents firms that produce 92% of all coal produced in the State of Alabama.” Barber took over the role of president in 2011 on an interim basis and continued to serve in that role until his decision to retire. He was also been a member of the board of directors and was a past chairman of the board.

AMA has adopted a free-market approach to recognizing sustainability achievements and wants to incentivize innovation projects. It is leading the effort of sustainable mining in the United States and is the first state association to establish a sustainable mining program. In the fall of this year, AMA will hold its first Annual Safety and Sustainability Awards Dinner. Sustainability projects submitted by AMA members will be evaluated by a panel of judges comprised of regulatory agency leaders, wildlife officials, and conservation organization leaders.

“Whether you mine the stone, sand, and gravel that strengthens our infrastructure, met coal exported to steelmakers around the world, or the thermal coal that powers local industry, AMA is the partner that keeps you producing,” stated Cagle.

Alabama Senate President Pro Tem Greg Reed stated, “Mining is a very important part of our state’s economy, and I value the work that the Alabama Mining Association does to support this critical industry. Their expansion to represent all mining operations will benefit the many companies who produce the construction aggregates used to build and improve our state’s important infrastructure and drive economic growth.”

“As the collective voice of Alabama’s mining industry, AMA is the advocate dedicated to ensuring that decision-makers at the local, state and federal level understand how our industry supports the economy in their communities and improves the quality of life of their constituents,” Cagle added. “We are fully committed to strengthening relationships with our regulators to help us accomplish our shared goals.”