Jim Zeigler:  Alabama needs voter registration by parties

Image source: Jim Zeigler

In Alabama, the Republican primary has effectively become a general election – where the voters are essentially choosing who will be elected. In statewide races, winning the Republican nomination is “tantamount to election.” 

As Alabama continues to elect Republicans statewide, Democrats will have more and more incentive to infiltrate the Republican primary and select candidates sympathetic to their agenda. 

We cannot have Democrats influencing Republican elections and vice versa. We must ensure Democrats are not exploiting this system of trust. Accordingly, we must ensure only Democrats are voting in the Democrat primaries, and only Republicans are voting in Republican primaries. A high priority as your Secretary of State would be working with the legislature to implement political party registration, where the voters of Alabama declare their party on their voter registration ahead of the primary election. Voters not declaring as Republicans will not vote in the Republican primary, and voters not declaring as Democrats will not vote in the Democratic primary. We must work with party leaders and leaders in the legislature to swiftly and unequivocally put an end to crossover voting. As your ‘watchman,’ I will promote safeguards to make sure no one is exploiting this system of trust. I will ensure election integrity by ensuring Republican voters are the only ones voting in the Republican primary. I believe a big part of protecting the integrity of the electoral process includes protecting the integrity of the party nominating process. A vote for Jim Zeigler is a vote for election integrity. 

Jim Zeigler runs in the June 21 runoff for the open seat of Secretary of State. He faces Rep. Wes Allen.