Trump’s comments on POW’s disgusting but not surprising

Donald Trump kickoff speech
Photo Credit: AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

If you’ve been watching the train wreck that is Donald Trump‘s supposed presidential campaign it should come as no surprise that he said something terribly offensive today. Looking at the reactions it looks as though people weren’t expecting him to do something so confounding to which I have to ask “have you not been paying attention?” Trump isn’t taking this race seriously and he’s not behaving and speaking like a man fit or desiring to run for president of the United States.

In case you missed it, at an event Saturday afternoon, he mocked John McCain‘s status as a prisoner of war, saying “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” Now I get that his comments were particularly inflammatory because the military is involved and we are a nation that by-in-large respects our military regardless of political party or ideology but I’m watching the coverage of this latest disaster and the press and others are reacting as if this is the end of his campaign.

Let’s be clear, Trumps campaign will end when Trump is ready for it to. As long as his poll numbers are high and as long as he’s getting media coverage he’s going to continue.

He’s currently topping polls not because anyone is actually going to vote for him for president but because of the many candidates he’s the one with the highest name ID and because of people are just fed up with the state of American politics today. I believe even the most low information voters wouldn’t vote to put a man as unpredictable as Trump in charge of our national security and economy.

Trump will inevitably try to fix his mess and will continue to make a mockery of what should be a serious race where serious issues are discussed. The crisis we find ourselves in as a nation both economically and with the current threats to national security both here at home and abroad will ultimately be what voters are looking to answer with the next president and Trump, well he’s not disciplined enough to address those issues with the seriousness they deserve.

Full video of Trump remarks below. McCain comments start at 5:40