Jim Zeigler: My take on Donald Trump event in Mobile

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

At the Donald Trump event in Mobile last Friday, I felt the electricity, the enthusiasm, the excitement, and the pure joy. I saw the thousands that showed up on short notice. Trump’s was the best rally have I ever been to, and I have been to many – George Wallace, Big Jim Folsom, Bobby Kennedy, Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, Zig Ziglar, and Glenn W. Turner. Sadly, I never experienced a Ronald Reagan rally in person.

I have witnessed George Wallace resonating with the folks opposed to federal encroachment on rights of states and individuals. I have seen Nixon quietly appeal to the “silent majority.” The Trump supporters are some of the same folks, but the silent majority has gone vocal — loudly expressive.

What is producing the strong public response to Trump? Here is the Zeigler take on this:

  • The celebrity factor. People are drawn to The Apprentice, a reality TV superstar, a billionaire tycoon.
  • People are fed up. They are disgusted with politics as usual.  They want an aggressive outsider.
  • People agree with Trump on stopping illegal immigration; on stopping dumb U.S. deals with Iran, China and others; on incompetents in high places; on stopping the giving away of U.S. industries and jobs to other countries. Trump is Ross Perot on steroids.
  • They are entertained by and feel good about Trump’s in-your-face style and with graphic descriptions of others.
  • The other presidential candidates can often be boring. Trump is anything but boring. The public is always wondering what he will say next.
  • Trump is the un-Obama. Repeal ObamaCare. Stop the dumb Iran deal.  Put competent people in the administration.  Run the government like a business tycoon, not a community organizer.

Jim Zeigler is the Alabama State Auditor. You can follow him on his Facebook page Zeigler “Waste Cutter”.


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