Email insights: Alabama Secretary of State updates website

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The Alabama Secretary of State’s office announced Tuesday in an effort to demonstrate transparency they have updated their official website to provide up-to-date information on matters handled by Secretary John Merrill’s office. Updates include: Fees and Funds Information, Voter List Fee Schedule, as well as, information for various boards, commissions and committees which come under the authority of the Secretary of State.

“Prior to coming into the Office of the Secretary of State, I prepared a strategy to help me effectively understand the role upon which we were embarking on,” said Secretary Merrill. “Part of this strategy was to provide transparency to the citizens we serve on various aspects of the Office. We have added several new features to our website that we believe will benefit their interaction with the Office.”

There are numerous fees collected by the Alabama Secretary of State. A large majority of these fees are discussed in The Code of Alabama and the Alabama Administrative Code. The fees information is divided into categories that provide the reader with the type of fee, actual amount and fee authority. The information contained in the funds document provides general information about the funds.

Furthermore, Alabama’s Secretary of State is statutorily required to serve on, appoint or designate members to numerous boards, commissions or committees. A large majority of these entities are discussed specifically in The Code of Alabama or the Constitution of Alabama 1901. Each of the entity titles listed are related to the Alabama Boards website, which should provide additional details about each listed group. Along with the boards, commissions and committees informational booklet, minutes from the Alabama Athlete Agents Commission, Alabama Electronic Overseas Voting Advisory Committee, Alabama Electronic Voting Committee, Help America Vote Act Committee and Voter Registration Advisory Board are now listed on the website. Minutes for the Alabama Local Constitutional Amendment Commission are soon to be added to the website.

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