Crime rate down 5 percent in Alabama during 2014

crime in handcuffs

A newly released report by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s (ALEA) Information Bureau shows the crime rate down statewide in 2014.

Looking at crime statistics in the 2014 “Crime in Alabama” annual report, there were 164,516 reported crimes in 2014 — more than a 5 percent decrease from 2013. That’s an average of 451 reported crimes a day, making this the third consecutive year for a decrease.

Across the spectrum of categories analyzed crimes were down: homicides down 21 percent; property crimes down 5 percent; burglaries down 7 percent; robberies down 1 percent; and crimes involving motor vehicles down 5 percent.

The complete 161-page publication takes an in-depth look at reported crimes from 350 law enforcement agencies.

“Each year, our Information Bureau uses the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program to analyze individual crime statistics reported by 350 local law enforcement agencies across Alabama. ‘Crime in Alabama’ is a publication containing an official statistical analysis of crime in these local jurisdictions throughout Alabama during the previous year,” said Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Chief Information Officer Kevin Wright.

Also released were detailed supplemental reports for the 350 local law enforcement agencies, excerpted from the “Crime in Alabama” 2014 report. Those supplements include the 2014 “Domestic Violence in Alabama,” the 2014 “Juvenile Victims of Violent Crime in Alabama,” and the 2014 “Drug-related Crime Statistics in Alabama.”

Alabama’s UCR Program, administered by ALEA’s Information Bureau, provides uniform crime rate statistics that are submitted to the the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or its annual publication of crime statistics. You can view the Crime in Alabama 2014 report in its entirety and the supplemental reports here.


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