Alabama Jobs Foundation sees Robert Bentley’s move on gambling authority as call to action


The Alabama Jobs Foundation came out in favor of Gov. Robert Bentley‘s move on Thursday to devolve authority over the state’s anti-gambling laws to local county governments.

“The governor’s action today reinforces a message the Alabama Jobs Foundation set forth at the outset of this debate: Gambling already exists in Alabama, but we have not reaped the full financial impact nor have we maximized job creation opportunities,” said AJF chairman Chip Hill.

“The Alabama Jobs Foundation will continue to fully support passage of the Constitutional Amendment proposed by Senator Del Marsh that will further regulate gaming, generate over 400 million dollars annually, provide over 11,000 new jobs and have a statewide economic impact of over 1.2 billion dollars.

“Polling indicates that the people do not want the ultimate decision on this issue to be made by the legislature or the governor. Eighty-nine percent of Alabamians want the final say by having the right to vote on gaming,” said Hill Thursday afternoon.

The Alabama Jobs Foundation, a business-backed advocacy group founded earlier this year in part by former Auburn head football coach Pat Dye, had previously announced its support for comprehensive gaming reform and for expanding gaming to make up for state’s budget deficits.


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