Mo Brooks, Gary Palmer take on EPA’s new $25 billion per year ozone regs

Mo Brooks and Gary Palmer

Alabama Congressmen Reps. Mo Brooks (AL-05) and Gary Palmer (AL-06) joined fellow House lawmakers Thursday in introducing a joint resolution the would permanently block the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recently finalized $25 billion per year ozone regulations.

An updated study commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers projects the new EPA mandate will reduce the United States GDP by $1.7 trillion from 2017 to 2040 and kill 1.4 million jobs per year.

“The EPA has not been able to identify how the proposed standards will be met,” Palmer said in a March in a Science, Space, and Technology committee meeting regarding the new rules. “This sounds like ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ rule-making.”

The EPA’s proposed regulations would impose a limit of 65-70 parts per billion (ppb) for ozone, down from the current level of 75 ppb.

The Joint Resolution, H.J.RES.74, is the House version of a Senate’s resolution S. J. Res. 25 introduced by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) Wednesday.


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