Alabama legislative agenda preview: Feb. 15-Feb. 19, 2016

Alabama State House

The Legislative Session will resume Tuesday, with the House convening at 1 p.m. and the Senate an hour later.

Many of the bills which passed through committee last week will likely make it to the floor this week, including the “Uniform Wage and Right-to-Work Act,” which would prohibit cities from raising the minimum wage, and a bill providing for distilleries to sell their product for off-premise consumption.

Further, the House will renew its discussion of HB45, the legislation sponsored by Rep. April Weaver (R-Shelby) to outlaw the sale of fetal tissue, which did not come up for a vote last Thursday.

Though a handful of committee meetings will be held prior to the start of session Tuesday, the majority will be held Wednesday.

The House Committee on Economic Development and Tourism will meet to tackle a slew of alcohol-related bills, including HB176, which would allow Alabama brewpubs to sell for off-premise consumption. A public hearing on the bill will likely garner a wide array of input.

The House Committee on Ethics and Campaign Finance will meet to consider HB68, a bill aimed at preventing “an agency of the Executive Department of the state,” which is funded via the General Fund or the Education Trust Fund, from lobbying or entering into agreements with outside lobbyists.

The “Alabama Heritage Protection Act” will again be the topic of discussion when the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee meets on Tuesday to complete a round of public discussion which began last week. The committee will also look at SB184, a bill naming the Lane Cake the official state cake.

The Judiciary Committee will meet to examine SB114, a Sen. Paul Sanford (R-Huntsville) sponsored bill aimed at regulating “fantasy contests,” and SB14, a bill from Sen. Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa) stating that the lawful possession of a firearm doesn’t “in and of itself” constitute disorderly conduct.


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