AG candidate Sam McLure outs Montgomery abortion doc, suggests she be tried for murder

Sam McLure
[Photo Credit: Sam McLure Facebook]

Sam McLure, a Birmingham lawyer who’s running for Alabama Attorney General is making a name for himself on Facebook with a controversial weekend post.

On Saturday, McLure took to the social media platform to call out an abortion doctor in Montgomery, Ala.

“This woman killed babies on Friday in Montgomery. Can anyone publicly defend why she should not be prosecuted for murder?” he posted on his campaign Facebook page linking to the pro-life website,

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The site, provides the doctor’s Sacheen Nathan, personal information. Complete with address, photo and other personal info.

The site’s mission statement says it aims “to provide, comprehensive, up-to-date information about the abortion cartel and its abuses so that the whole truth about the horrific nature of their grisly business can be exposed and stopped through peaceful, legal means.”

According to comments on McLure’s page, many think he crossed the line in the post where he essentially doxed — publishing private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.the doctor — Nathan.

“This is how people get killed,” commented Dylan Haynes of Birmingham, Ala.

“Abortion is legal. I don’t think you should run for attorney general if you don’t understand that,” added Jacksonville, Ala.’s Jennifer Albright Kiker.

Despite it’s legality in the Yellowhammer State, McLure is no stranger to standing up against the abortion industry. The conservative adoption lawyer suggested the state form a militia in support standing up to federal of ending abortion

“The Second Amendment provides ‘for a well regulated militia.’  Where is Alabama’s militia?  The armed people of Alabama are the militia and they would prevent a Federal officer from moving against a Pro-Life Alabama Governor who ended abortion in the State. You must be willing to die for your political beliefs and to protect your neighbor’s lives,” McLure said to the Alabama Constitution Party at their summer meeting in Prattville’s Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant at Bass Pro Shop, Alabama Political Reporter reported last week.

McLure is seeking the GOP nomination for Attorney General against incumbent AG Steve Marshall who’s running for a first full term following his appointment by former Gov. Robert Bentley in February 2017 he appointed Luther Strange to the U.S. Senate.​ He’s also running against former U.S. Attorney Alice Martin​, and Chess Bedsole, a criminal court judge who served as President Donald Trump’s Alabama campaign Chairman Attorney.

According to Alabama Votes, the state of Alabama’s official election center, McLure has $1,593 cash on hand as of Sept. 3 for this campaign.


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