Polling shows Alabama voters want Doug Jones to confirm Brett Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh
Brett Kavanaugh before meeting with Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, Thursday, July 12, 2018, on Capitol Hill in Washington, . [Photo Credit: AP Photo/Cliff Owen]

Polling shows that 54 percent of Alabama voters want Brett Kavanaugh confirmed as a Supreme Court Judge, according to the Susan B. Anthony (SBA) List.

The SBA List and pro-life activists assembled in Mobile on Wednesday to call on U.S. Senator Doug Jones; compelling him to confirm Kavanaugh and adding themselves to the growing list of groups urging him to do so.

“Polling shows that 53 percent of Alabama voters agree President Trump has chosen well qualified judges for the Supreme Court,” Jill Stanek, national campaign chairman for Susan B. Anthony list said at the rally. “And 54 percent want the senate to confirm Kavanaugh.”

“We urge senator Jones to stand against Chuck Schumer and the radical abortion lobby; stand with the President…and pledge to vote to confirm judge Kavanaugh immediately,” Stanek continued.

The SBA list is a national non-profit organization aimed at ending abortion by electing leaders and advocating for anti-abortion laws, according to the group’s website.

Several organizations have called on Jones to support Kavanaugh. Last week, the National Rifle Association’s political arm the Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) posted a video asking voters to tell Jones they support Kavanaugh by signing a pledge on their website. This week, an Alabama bus company joined  Concerned Women of America in an eight-state tour to promote the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

Earlier this week, Jones held a town hall meeting in Birmingham during which the conversation was dominated by his decision on Kavanaugh. “I am doing a lot of work on the Supreme Court nominee,” Jones told the crowd. “He will be there for life twenty, thirty years, maybe more, we do not know.”

Jones has previously stated that he would be keeping an “open mind” on his vote, and told the Associated Press he wanted to do his “due diligence” on Kavanaugh’s work.

“Respectfully, Senator Jones, when you go to the Senate floor there is not a moderate button to push; it is a yes, or it is a no,” Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) Chairman Terry Lathan told the crowd at the rally. “Humbly, and very gratefully, we ask you Senator Jones, to hear our voices…We are here to share with you and we are here to tell you very clearly; the people of this state want this judge seated and we’re asking you to cast that vote.”

According to AL.com, this is not the first stop the group has made. The SBA list has also visited Florida, Indiana, North Dakota and Missouri, “urging Democratic Senators in battleground states to back Kavanaugh’s confirmation.”

Watch the full video of the rally below: