Mo Brooks secures commitment from Paul Ryan: No amnesty bills

Mo Brooks with Paul Ryan letter

Rep. Paul Ryan (WI-01) has formally agreed to a letter committing to members of the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) he won’t bring amnesty or immigration-reform legislation to the House floor while President Barack Obama is still in office unless it is supported by a majority of Republican House Members.

This past Thursday Brooks and other members of the HFC met with Ryan regarding his candidacy for Speaker where they discussed border security. According to a statement released by Brooks, he and other House Freedom Caucus members had concerns Ryan may use the role of Speaker to push through immigration policies that will suppress the wages of and take even more jobs from struggling American families.

After the meeting, Brooks hand-delivered a formal letter to Ryan on the House floor detailing what he believed were his immigration representations.

“I need your assurance that you will not use the Speaker’s position to advance your immigration policies … because there is a huge gap between your immigration position and the wishes of the American citizens I represent,” Brooks wrote in the letter. “Your words yesterday constitute the needed assurance.”

“If my portrayal of your words errs in any respect, please deliver to me…  a written communication correcting my errors,” Brooks continued.

Less than two hours later, Ryan called Brooks confirming the accuracy of his letter, giving his word to keep his commitments.

Tuesday morning Rep. Mo Brooks (AL-05) addressed the U.S. House of Representatives telling of them of Ryan’s agreed-upon commitment and submitted the letter for Congressional Record.

You can watch the video of Brooks floor speech here:


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