New York Magazine says Trump’s America could be like Alabama with nukes


Aiming directly below the belt New York Magazine published an article on Tuesday titled “Trump’s America Could Be Like Alabama With Nukes.”

Joining the cacophony of other liberal outlets, the magazine endeavored to draw a correlation between Trump’s conservative positions to the policies and politicians of the Yellowhammer State — suggesting the president-elect will be like Alabama, hostile to unions and committed to religious liberty.

There is the Trump campaign’s commitment to a definition of “religious liberty” that means a large-scale abandonment of church-state separation principles that have never much been accepted in the Bible Belt.

Written by democratic columnist Ed Kilgore, the piece points out several “Alabama things” Kilgore expects Trump will do during his time in the Oval Office. Most notably it draws a connection to president-elect’s choice for Attorney General, Alabama U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions.

It is Sessions who will likely place the power and influence of the Department of Justice against the bipartisan movement for criminal-justice reform that has gotten so tantalizingly close to success in the last few years. That, too, would be a very Alabama thing to do.

The article also ties Sessions’ strong stance on immigration with the Trump Administration, suggesting if Trump allows Sessions to enforce America’s immigration laws, Sessions would be making life miserable for those living here illegally.

If he (Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions) is as aggressive as his rhetoric in the Senate has long suggested, it will be another Alabama thing, since the state was a real pioneer in encouraging “self-deportation” by making life as randomly miserable as possible to people who might be here illegally.

Clearly having a bone to pick with Sessions, Kilgore concludes making the point that if Trump follows through with his plans, essentially all that he promised on the campaign trail, his administration will be “the biggest joke.”

If Sessions goes heavily reactionary on all of these issues and Trump lets him, then the idea that the Trump administration represents some sort of innovative new “populist” ideology will be a bigger joke than ever. We could be looking at a regime with its heart in Dixie, and its head in the mid-20th century. And it will have nuclear weapons.