Dom Gentile withdraws from Senate race, endorses Mo Brooks


Birmingham businessman Dominic “Dom” Gentile, who entered Alabama’s U.S. Senate in hopes of shaking-up the status quo, withdrew his candidacy on Monday and urged his supporters to back Alabama 5th District U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks.

“Two weeks ago my family was hit with a complex issue that I don’t yet have my head around and I must learn more about. My wife of 29.5 years was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer,” Gentile explained at a press conference with Brooks Monday afternoon in Birmingham. “It is time for me to spend my time by her side, fighting to help her and others stricken by this nasty disease. So I am immediately withdrawing from the US Senate race, and will be taking the fight to cancer.”

Gentile says during the race he had the oppounity to get to know the other candidates running, but only Brooks meets his “extremely high” standards.

Gentile continued, “If you are looking for a rare breed of US Senator with true conservative principles who will get the government out of your way. If you are looking for an ethical family man who will represent our state with dignity. If you are looking for a Senator who is smart as a whip and who will work hard for you. If you are looking for a Senator with a huge heart who is guided by the principles of God… Then Mo Brooks is your man.”

Brooks offered his prayers to the Gentile family, as he thanked Dom for his support.

“Martha and I are very sorry to hear of Karen Gentile’s illness and send her our prayers for a full recovery.  Our family has experienced breast cancer so I have some understanding of what Karen and Dominic Gentile are going through,” said Brooks. “It has been an honor to compete with Dominic Gentile during this Senate campaign and to receive his endorsement. It means a lot.”

Watch the announcement below:


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