Senate Leadership Fund predicts Luther Strange will make Senate runoff

Luther Strange

The Senate Leadership Fund, a political committee controlled by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, tooted its own horn in an email sent out Tuesday.

“In case you missed it, Senate Leadership Fund President and CEO Steven Law appeared on Fox News Channel this morning, where he predicted Sen. Luther Strange will make the runoff in the Alabama Senate race, citing the endorsement by President [Donald] Trump of Sen. Strange and the support of the Senate Leadership Fund,” the email said.

The group included a link to a YouTube video of Law’s appearance on the 24-hour news network.

The former Deputy Secretary of Labor under President George W. Bush played up the importance of Trump’s endorsement, which came late in the special primary race, and also credited the Senate Leadership Fund for raising Strange’s standing in the polls. Law also predicted Strange would make into the runoff election.

The political committee has dumped millions of dollars into the race, with much of it being used to run ads attacking U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks for not being supportive enough of Trump.

Alabama voters head to the polls today to vote on the GOP nominee for senate seat, which was vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions earlier this year.

All signs point toward the state needing to go through with a Sept. 26 runoff election to determine the nominee.

Strange and former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore are the likely to be the two candidates included in that race, though it is possible Brooks could take one of the two spots.

Recent polls show Moore in the first place spot with 31 percent support, followed by Strange at 23 percent and Brooks at 18 percent.

The general election will be held Dec. 12.