Jim Zeigler: Executions of murderers take too long — waaaaay too long

Walter Leroy Moody
Walter Leroy Moody
This May 2, 1990 file photo shoes Walter Leroy Moody, Jr., [Photo Credit: AP Photo]
It now appears (8 p.m.Thursday) that the execution of Walter LeRoy Moody can go forward tonight in Alabama. He killed a federal judge over 30 years ago. Folks, 30 years is too long to carry out a sentence. Killers are not worried about what may happen 30 years from now. They think in terms of the next 30 minutes.

It is very little deterrent to a would-be killer that he MIGHT be executed 30 years later. We have got to correct this problem and start carrying out swifter justice. The family of the victim has been suffering 30 years. We the taxpayers have been paying Moody’s room, board and medical expenses for 30 years.

I am working on a plan that will greatly speed up executions without increasing the danger of executing the wrong person. I call the plan “Execution Delayed is Justice Denied.” When complete, I will release it and ask for your support.


Jim Zeigler is State Auditor of Alabama.