Alabama executes 83-year-old inmate Walter Leroy Moody

death penalty

Alabama has executed the oldest U.S. inmate to be put to death in modern times, an 83-year-old man convicted of a federal judge’s mail-bomb slaying.

Authorities say Walter Leroy Moody Jr. was pronounced dead at 8:42 p.m. CDT Thursday after a lethal injection. He made no final statement and did not respond when a prison official asked him if he had any last words.

The non-profit Death Penalty Information Center says Moody became the oldest inmate put to death in the United States since the resumption of U.S. executions in the 1970s. Moody was convicted of killing U.S. Circuit Judge Robert S. Vance of Birmingham, who died when he opened a package mailed to his home in 1989.

Prosecutors have described Moody as a meticulous planner who committed murder by mail because of his obsession with getting revenge on the legal system. He also was convicted in federal court for a bombing that killed Robert E. Robinson, a black civil rights attorney from Savannah, Georgia.

Republished with permission from the Associated Press.


  1. Justice is sometimes really slow and really blind. Convicted of murdering a Judge and a black civil rights attorney from Savannah, Georgia in 1989 and it took until 2018 to carry out the sentence….All life is precious. Just ask the relatives of Judge Vance and Mr Robinson. Gotta ask why it took from 1989 until now to put the 83 year old down.

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