Donald Trump tax reform means more money in your pocket

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The Trump presidency, while controversial in some ways, has also been very effective in others. We should give credit where credit is due. Trump’s plan is a win for Alabama families who will have more money in their pockets in coming months due to the national tax reform plan passed by Congress and signed by the President right before Christmas.

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[Photo Credit: Speaker Paul Ryan]

If you missed it, last week the Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC) voted on $337 million in energy cost relief for Alabama residents. It’s estimated that families will save around $250 from July, when the savings go into effect, through the end of the year.

Even House Speaker Paul Ryan highlighted the benefits of the cuts here in Alabama in a release from his office.

In the few months following the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, utility companies in 48 out of 50 states, and DC, have taken action to pass their federal tax savings on to their customers. This means more than 87 million customers across the country—so far—are set to see lower monthly utility bills.

Just this week, Alabama Power Company announced that it would be reducing its customers’ bills by $257 million this year. That’s 1.4 million Alabamians who will now be paying less each month for their utilities.

The President doesn’t get a lot of good press even when he and his administration have positive results. At the same time Alabama’s Public Service Commission rarely makes the news, so lets not miss this opportunity to give both an “atta boy.”