Alabama politicians, groups react to Supreme Court decision on Donald Trump’s travel ban

US Supreme Court
[Photo Credit: AP Photo]

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of the Trump Administration’s travel ban, which prohibits travel from seven countries: Libya, Syria, North Korea, Iran, Somalia, Yemen and Venezuela.

In a 5-4 decision, the court reversed an injunction that had — until December 2017 — prevented the Trump administration from using the Travel Ban 3.0 as a basis for denying visas to foreign nationals from the affected countries.

Here are their reactions (in order received/seen online):


Terry Lathan | Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP)

The Constitution has clearly given a president the authority to implement executive orders. The travel ban pertaining to several countries was in that scope. This is not a policy on discrimination- it is a policy on the security of our nation. Chief Justice John Roberts was correct when he authored that the ruling was ‘squarely within the scope of presidential authority’ under our federal laws.

We applaud the Supreme Court’s decision on this matter.

Mike Rogers OfficialAlabama 3rd District U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers:

I was thrilled today to see the Supreme Court uphold President Trump’s travel ban. It is a huge win for the safety of the American people and our national security.

President Trump is exactly right that we must fully vet people from these countries before even considering to allow them into the United States. Keeping Americans safe is one of the highest duties of the government and this was absolutely the right decision.

Mo Brooks OfficialAlabama 5th District U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks:

I applaud the Supreme Court for finding that President Trump has authority to take such actions as are necessary to protect American lives from terrorism risks. America is safer as a result. The President’s legal authority on immigration and national security in this instance is clear. The liberal, judicially activist 9th Circuit, the most error-prone and reversed circuit court of appeal, unnecessarily put American lives at risk when it undermined the President’s Constitutional authority to protect Americans. I am pleased the Supreme Court overturned the 9th Circuit’s liberal, activist, and unconstitutional overreach. I fully supported President Trump when he issued the Travel Order Proclamation and I fully support the President’s continued actions to protect American lives.

Today’s decision is a win for the Rule of Law.

Terri Sewell OfficialAlabama 7th District U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell:

Today’s Supreme Court ruling upholding the Muslim travel ban takes our country in the wrong direction. America was built on the promise of freedom and opportunity for immigrants of all backgrounds, regardless of religion. Trump’s own statements on the purpose of his Muslim ban are evidence of the religious discrimination that his Muslim ban is founded on. While the President has authority to protect our national security, promoting blatant religious discrimination only undermines our interests abroad and our security at home.

Trump’s Muslim ban does not make our country safer. Instead, it weakens our fight against terror by handing extremists a tool for recruitment and alienating Muslim partners around the globe. Additionally, the ban robs our nation of the economic input of immigrants, who are business owners, community leaders, students, and workers in our communities. Policies that discourage foreign investments in and partnerships with our country should be rejected by all who care about the long-term standing of the United States as a global leader. It is time for this Congress to hold the Trump Administration accountable for its dangerous, anti-family, anti-immigrant policies.

CAIR-Alabama | Executive Director Khaula Hadeed

Today’s decision deeply impacts Muslim communities and communities of color. This is not the first time the Court has been wrong on a decision. In Korematsu the Court permitted the incarceration of thousands of people based on their Japanese ancestry. In this case, Trump set out to ban Muslims from entering the country and the Court permitted him to do so. This decision empowers the president and future administrations to discriminate on the basis of religion.

Randall WoodfinRandall Woodfin | Mayor of Birmingham

America was founded by immigrants. It was built by immigrants. Yet the Supreme Court’s travel ban ruling undermines an entire group of people based on their religious beliefs. This is not who we are.

America was built on the idea that people from all walks of life could come together and live in harmony. President Trump’s statements over the past few years demonstrate purposeful intent to deny our Muslim brothers and sisters the rights enjoyed by everyone within our borders.

Birmingham taught the world the meaning of equality and tolerance. This is not it.