Walt Maddox has more cash on hand, more individual donors than Kay Ivey

Kay Ivey_Walt Maddox

Campaign finance reports filed this week with the Secretary of State’s office show gubernatorial candidates Walt Maddox and Kay Ivey very close to one another in campaign fundraising; with Maddox showing more cash on hand.

This week, benefiting from individual donations from across the state, Maddox closed the gap between himself and Ivey garnering almost $246,000 in campaign contributions. Ivey raised just a hair more than Maddox, reporting $248,523 in campaign contributions.

The real difference is in the cash on hand totals.

Last month Maddox reported $222,442 in cash on hand after receiving numerous donations from a plethora of individuals, while Ivey’s report revealed she had $458,674 in cash on hand. After this week’s filings, Ivey showed $271,477 in cash on hand while Maddox reported $313,249 in cash leftover from the month’s expenditures.

“We are very encouraged by the latest fundraising report. Not only are we neck and neck with Kay Ivey in this month’s total, we have more cash on hand. Most exciting is the fact that we had over 40 pages of individual donors and Kay only had 12,” said Maddox’s Communications Director Chip HIll.

“This continues to be a great indicator of the popular support that’s out there for Walt Maddox as more and more voters, Republicans and Democrats, respond to Walt’s vision for Alabama. While we certainly feel momentum is in our favor, we know that Kay Ivey is a formidable opponent who after 30 plus years in Montgomery knows how to find money.”

Kay Ivey Campaign finance report – July:

Kay Ivey Monthly Campaign Finance Report – July 2018

Walt Maddox Campaign finance report – July:

Walt Maddox Monthly Campaign Finance Report – July 2018