Checking in: What has Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson been up to?

[Photo Credit: Sandy Stimpson's Facebook page]

Ever wonder what your mayor been up to each month? Sure you may have helped elect them, but what happens after that? Alabama Today has you covered. Each month we’ll highlight what the Yellowhammer State’s Big 5 mayors have been doing in an effort to hold them accountable and keep things more transparent.

Sandy Stimpson_MobileIn the last month, Mobile, Ala. Mayor Sandy Stimpson has implemented several changes to the city, traveled to the United Kingdom on behalf of his constituents, and announced the launch of the city’s first bike sharing program among other things.

Here’s what he’s been up to for the last month:

July 12

The city of Mobile enhanced Three Mile Creek Trail; adding picnic tables, fitness zones, pet stations, and several other amenities. “These new amenities will encourage fitness, support recreation and educate our citizens on one of our most precious waterways,” Stimpson said in a press release. “Our goal is to link neighborhoods, businesses and residents across Mobile. Within a mile radius of this segment alone, there are 69,000 residents, 900 businesses and 3 hospitals. Three Mile Creek was once Mobile’s drinking water source before World War II, and now it can once again connect communities throughout the City of Mobile.”

July 15 – 17

Stimpson attended the Farnborough International Air Show in London meeting with Governor Kay Ivey, and several airplane manufacturers about expanding in Mobile.

Our strategy this week is all about jobs! Our momentum is surging with Airbus and Bombardier expanding at Brookley,” Stimpson posted to his Facebook page. “We have a busy week of meetings and businesses are eager to learn more about Mobile.”

July 23

Stimpson attended and spoke at a community meeting at Williamson High School on the Ladd Peebles Stadium.

July 25

Stimpson spoke to the Mobile City Council about the Ladd Peebles Stadium, addressing the comments of the community to the council. “For years, the problems at Ladd Stadium have been kicked down the road for someone else to handle. It’s time for that to change,” Stimpson posted on his Facebook page.

July 30

Stimpson announced the launch date of Mobile’s first bike sharing program, Limebike. “In a statement, Stimpson called for Mobilians to help make the bike share program a success,” the Associated Press reported. “He asked motorists to give cyclists plenty of room, and asked cyclists not to park their bikes in places that block vehicular or pedestrian traffic.”

August 4

Stimpson hosted the fourth annual Mayors Cup, a full day of football, soccer, and track events for young people in the community.

“I am extremely excited to welcome back the Mayor’s Cup this year. I look forward to seeing the local community come together for a fun day outdoors and enjoy one of our beautiful parks in the City of Mobile,” Stimpson said in a statement. “This event teaches our young people the important values of teamwork and sportsmanship. May the best man or woman win!”