Bradley Byrne: Get the show on the road


is time for the Democrat leaders in Washington to stop posturing when
it comes to border security and end the government shutdown.

old expression “get the show on the road” is very apt in this
situation. But, truth be told, the show is already on. There is no
better way to describe the Democrat strategy
right now than as a show, playing to their audience.

Democrats have lost touch with what matters to Americans outside of
their bubble. They continue to play to the far-left base of their party
in order to placate the loudest voices.
But the loudest voices don’t always have the best interests of the
American people at heart.

President Donald Trump has made many efforts to work with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on a deal, but those efforts have fallen on deaf ears.

Wednesday, the President asked Speaker Pelosi if she would be willing
to negotiate for a deal to open the government quickly and provide
funding for border security at a later
date. Speaker Pelosi answered “no.” If Democrats aren’t willing to
negotiate, then what is President Trump to do? He can’t negotiate with

I have heard from many folks in Alabama expressing their disbelief that Congress has not yet provided the necessary funds to secure our border, build a wall, and reopen the remaining 25 percent of the federal government.

cannot help but echo the sentiment of my fellow Alabamians: why would a
Member of Congress not support something as commonsense as border
security to end the partial shutdown?

the past, Democrats have supported these commonsense national security
priorities such as fencing, barriers, and increased border funding, but
there is something different going
on here.

appears that it is not enough for the Democrats to earn a win. Instead,
it must be that President Trump gets a loss. And the sad part is, the
people that lose the most in this
situation are the hardworking American taxpayers contributing their
time, efforts, and skills to the betterment of our communities.

800,000 federal employees are currently on furlough, some continuing to
work without pay. Last Friday, many of those people missed a paycheck.
That is simply unacceptable,
especially when the solution is one that both puts these people back to
work and improves our national security.

than this, Americans have been greatly affected already by illegal
immigration and the crisis taking place on our southern border.

big issue is the flow of illegal drugs. Hundreds of thousands of men
and women in the United States have fallen victim to the evils and
unbelievable effects of drug addiction
and overdose. Many of those illegal drugs have their origins in Central
and South America.

throughout the country, we have heard horror stories of illegal
immigrants committing horrendous crimes. We had an illegal immigrant in
Shelby County, Alabama rape a young girl,
and everyone has heard the story of the police officer in California
who was murdered by an illegal immigrant. In many of these crimes, the
illegal immigrant had even been deported before and managed to reenter
the country illegally a second time.

Crimes happen every day, but these crimes were preventable.

We must act, we must enforce border security, and we must provide the funds necessary to get the job done. I call on Democrats to stop with the show, come to the table, negotiate with President Trump, and let’s get the government back open.

Bradley Byrne is a member of U.S. Congress representing Alabama’s 1st Congressional District.


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