Alabamians react to temporary shutdown deal

US Capitol
[Photo Credit: AP Photo | J. Scott Applewhite]

A deal was reached Friday which will open the government for three weeks while negotiations continue. Reactions came in from around the state.

Here’s what Alabama politicians and groups are saying:

Republican Congressman Mo Brooks:

This shutdown has lasted far too long. The shutdown has hurt America, Alabama, the Tennessee Valley, and my own family because of its furloughs and no pay for work done.
“Illegal aliens and America’s porous southern border cause, at a minimum, 50 deaths on American soil every single day,” Brooks added,  “It is fantastic that Democrats recognize the twin evils of shutdowns and the carnage caused by illegal aliens and America’s porous southern border,” he continued,  “I look forward to negotiating with Democrats to save American lives by beefing up our border security, building the required border barrier, and preventing yet another avoidable, economically damaging shutdown over border security funding disputes.”

Alabama Arise executive director Robyn Hyden:

The pain from this unnecessary shutdown has grown by the day. Fortunately, this deal will reopen the federal government without causing further damage to struggling people. We thank all the everyday Alabamians who demanded an end to this harmful shutdown. Our country can’t afford to end up back in this shameful situation a few weeks from now. And we can’t afford to leave millions of Americans at greater risk for hunger, homelessness and hardship. Lawmakers must reach a long-term funding deal that protects SNAP, WIC and other vital nutrition assistance and rental assistance programs. And they should do it without seeking other policies that would hurt people who struggle to make ends meet.

Republican Congressman Richard Shelby:

I commend the President for his continued willingness to negotiate and find a way to reopen the government. The Democrats have stated that once the government was reopened, they would be willing to negotiate in good faith on significant investments in border security, including a physical barrier.  As a member of the Homeland Security conference committee, I hope that this continuing resolution will provide us the time to work out our differences in a fair and thoughtful manner and reach a bipartisan consensus on border security.

Congresswoman Terri Sewell  (7th District- Democrat):

For the past 34 days, President Trump’s government shutdown has caused undue financial hardship on thousands of federal workers in my district and across the country while inflicting needless chaos and pain in the lives of all Americans.  I am encouraged that the President finally agreed to re-open government today and to allow the process of negotiating funding bills to work. To be clear, it is never a good idea to shutdown government over policy disagreements. The American people deserve better from their elected officials.  I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle on passing long-term funding bills that reflect our shared values, respect our workers and invest in smart, effective border security measures.

*This article will be updated as more reactions come in.