Anniston councilman Ben Little indicted on ethics charges

Alabama Ethics Justice

Anniston city councilman Ben Little has been charged with two counts of ethics violations, Anniston Star reports.

Little turned himself in at the Calhoun County jail Monday afternoon after a grand jury filed an indictment charging him with voting on city legislation on which he had a conflict of interest, and on an issue in which he had a financial interest. If convicted, he faces from two to 20 years in prison, a fine of up to $30,000, as well as removal from office.

In 2017, the city council voted to abate a list of vehicles that were inoperable and sitting in yards. Little owned several of them, and a church where he serves as pastor owned a van. Calhoun County District Attorney Brian McVeigh confirmed the state Attorney General’s office is handling the case, according to

Little voted against declaring inoperable vehicles that were sitting in yards a nuisance in 2017 instead of abstaining, WBRC reports. Little owned several of the vehicles in question and is the pastor of a church that owned another.

Little arraignment is scheduled for March 14.

Read the indictment below: